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Fireworks, Fireworks, Fireworks

by Jacque

Whatever your 4th of July plans are this year in middle Georgia, have fun, be safe, and enjoy your holiday celebrations with family and friends. Don’t forget to take time to watch the fireworks displays too…you know they will be lighting up the sky in all their splendor.

The City of Centerville will be hosting it's 3rd annual Independence Day Celebration, June 30, 2016 6-9:30. Bring the family and come out for a FUN filled night of entertainment. This year the showcase band will be A27. There also will be a Kid Zone (Kathy's Rock), food vendors, Rock D Entertainment and grand finale Fireworks display by Pyrotecnico Fireworks, Inc. 

Freedom Fireworks
June 26, 2016
Hosted by Perry Area Chamber of Commerce
West Parking lots Kids Zone for kids, bring picnics, Please No Alcohol or Dogs
Gates open  7:00p.m.  Fireworks  will be shot 9:30p.m.
Free Admission
For additional information contact the Chamber at (478) 987-1234

Monticello Farmer's Market

by Jacque


Monticello farmer's market from May 7 to September 24, 2016 at 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Join us for 21 weeks of fresh produce, homemade jellies and preserves and more. Enjoy local musicians the second Saturday of the month. Website:



Company Brings 140 Jobs To Houston County

by Jacque

About 140 jobs are coming to Central Georgia as Houston County welcomes its newest industry.

Last September, the German company Sandler AG decided to open its first plant in the United States.

They supply a nonwoven textile to make products like baby wipes and air filters.

On Tuesday, the company president Tobias Baumgaertel spoke at the commissioners meeting. This was the first time the company publicly introduced themselves to the community, explaining why they chose Houston County for their expansion.

“We feel like family here,” says Baumgaertel, “In general, the state of Georgia is so proactive in bringing new companies, especially foreign companies, so we feel very welcome. People here in Houston County are like us -- family oriented, very open, very friendly. Therefore, we found the right place.”

Angie Gheesling, Executive Director for the Houston County Development Authority, estimates the industry will have a $30 million economic impact.

She says the company spent a year looking at 150 communities in 13 different states before selecting the spec building on Perry Parkway. 

The space sat vacant for about 15 years, and the developer says construction should be completed by September. 

Baumgaertel says they will be hiring "very soon."

5 Tips to Spruce up your Home for Spring

by Jacque

1.     Apply a fresh coat of paint

Weather can take a toll on your whole house, but especially your house’s paint job. If you notice your shutters and siding are looking a few shades lighter than usual it may be time for a new coat of paint. So get that paint can out of the garage and apply a fresh coat. Or if you’re feeling daring, go to your nearest hardware store and pick out a bright, new color for spring.

2.     Check your roof for possible damage

Winter storms can hit the roof the hard, so make sure to give your roof a careful inspection this Spring. Get up on a ladder and check for missing, cracked or broken shingles on your roof. Be sure to make note of those areas that may be in need of repair. 

3.     Give your yard some much deserved attention

You most likely forgot that you had a yard underneath all the snow this winter, so be sure to give your lawn some extra care this spring.The fastest way to give your yard a makeover is with a fresh layer of mulch. Be sure to also fertilize and aerate your grass as to ensure a fresh green lawn this Spring.

4.     Wash and re-stain your deck

Pressure washing your deck or patio can make all the difference this spring. A new coat of stain on your deck can also give it the extra oomph it needs to look fresh and clean. Replacing your old deck or adding a new custom deck can be the focal point your own outdoor living room.

5. Landscape 

This is a natural for spring home maintenance. Cut back and trim all vegetation and overgrown bushes from structures. Limbs and leaves can cut into your home's paint and force you to have that side of the house repainted. A little trimming can save a lot of money and time

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

by Jacque

A fast-casual restaurant that's new to Middle Georgia is planning to open in Warner Robins.

Wichita, Kansas-based Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers recently broke ground at 678 Lake Joy Road near the intersection of Lake Joy Road and Ga. 96, according to a news release. The restaurant, which is expected to open this summer, serves ground beef steakburgers, beef hot dogs and shoestring fries as well as desserts including freshly churned frozen custard.

"We're excited to bring our family-friendly restaurant concept to the Warner Robins community," Ray Yarbrough, franchise owner, said in the release. "Our dining experience brings to life the America of the late 1940s and early 1950s."

The eatery will seat about 100 people inside, and it will have a patio and drive-thru window.

The company has 172 franchise locations and 14 company-owned locations, and it has stores in 28 states. In Georgia, in addition to the Warner Robins store, the restaurant is in Athens, Conyers and McDonough with one opening soon in Duluth.

Read more here:

Warner Robins redevelopment plan

by Jacque

Warner Robins' Redevelopment Agency says it's one step closer to bringing more business to the city with a special tax district.

Off Watson Boulevard, the once-booming Commercial Circle shopping center now looks a little more like a ghost town.

But Gary Lee, executive director of the Warner Robins Redevelopment Agency says a tax allocation district will change that.

"This is an opportunity for us to grow and stimulate the revitalization of our downtown area," says Lee.

In a special called meeting Tuesday, the agency agreed to sign a contract with the "Urbanish" company.

They manage tax allocation districts.

On January 1, the city formed a tax allocation district in agreement with the school board and the county. It starts on Armed Forces Boulevard, runs along Watson Boulevard and ends near Commercial Circle and spans a total of 170 acres.

Urbanish will try to bring developers to the district.

The money that comes in through the resulting increased property values will go right back to fund projects in the district.

Lee says they call the area the Government and Education corridor, since it includes City Hall and Middle Georgia State University.

Some of the development plans for the district are a new hotel and conference center, as well as housing.

Tiffany Cox is just opening up her store, Go Girl Boutique, a few doors down.

She says she saw an opportunity being close to Robins Air Force Base, and would like the new customers that future development could bring.

"I'm for anything that could potentially help, not just my business, but any one of these businesses."

Ken McCall has owned his restaurant for almost thirty years. He's seen how the once busy area gradually faded.

"If there's a downtown area, this is the area," he says. "Unfortunately, Warner Robins, through the years, has just kind of become a sprawl."

By city leaders taking this step, he hopes to see Commercial Circle and the city, as a whole, thrive.

Watch the video here:


Antique Show And Sale

by Jacque

Join the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center February 25-27 and experience the best in Southern American antiques and accessories at the 15th Annual Madison Antiques Show and Sale.  Having earned a reputation as the “best little antiques show in America,” the 2016 Madison show spotlights 22 national dealers bringing American antiques and accessories, furniture, pottery, and art.​

Songs for the soul

by Jacque

         On February 19th come to the Macon City Auditorium for a journey through R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel, and Soul music. Special guests include Floco Torres, Taryn Newborne, The Macon Pops All-Star Choir, and musicians from the Ottis Redding Foundation.

7 Ways to Get Top Dollar for Your Home During the Off-Season





After a record-setting summer selling season in many parts of the country, home sales have quieted down for the fall. If you’re putting your home on the market, you might see that as an obstacle, but it can be an opportunity. Even if there is less traffic, there’s less competition from other sellers. In a market where inventory is already tight, that gives you an even greater advantage.




Fall is a particularly good time to sell if you’re marketing to retirees, millennials, or those with very young children—they’re less concerned about tying a purchase to the school calendar. Going into winter, you’ll find that buyers who are willing to trudge through snow to see a home tend to be much more motivated to make a purchase than those who spend a sunny Saturday dropping into open houses.

If you’re thinking of listing your home in the next few months, follow these steps to ensure a quick sale at a great price:

1. Skip the holiday décor

Staging basics such as decluttering and depersonalizing still count during the holidays, so it’s best to keep the inflatable Rudolph and the tinsel in storage.

“You never know who your potential buyer is,” says David Peterson of Synergy Staging in Portland, OR. “We don’t want to pigeonhole or potentially turn someone off.”

2. Update your photos

Even without holiday decorations, photos can quickly look dated as the seasons change. It’s fine to lead your listing right now with a gorgeous photo of crimson- and gold-leaved trees on the front lawn, but once the leaves have fallen, you’ll want a new photo to keep the listing looking fresh, says Jan Niebauer of Niebauer Realty in Milford, MI. Try to snap photos on days when there’s a blue sky, which will pop against a blanket of white snow.

3. Keep the outside neat

Curb appeal is just as important but slightly more difficult to achieve in fall and winter. A leaf- or snow-covered lawn can be beautiful, but it can also get messy quickly.

“Make sure it’s neat and tidy,” Peterson says.

Put an added focus on raking and removing leaves, and consider hiring a snow-removal service to be sure that your driveway and walkways are clear and safe for visitors at all times.

4. Clear the entryway

You’ll want to make sure there’s space for a few people (like a couple and their agent) to stand in the foyer, shed their winter clothes, and stomp off the debris on their shoes, Peterson says. Provide an umbrella stand and shoe covers to keep visitors from tracking mud and snow through your home.

5. Make it warm—literally and figuratively

If you’re going to be out of the house, be sure that your Realtor® arrives early to crank up the thermostat before a showing (or leave it at a warmer temperature when you leave in the morning), which will help potential buyers feel more comfortable.

“It’s vital that a house be warm,” Peterson says, but “not too warm that people have to peel off all their clothes, but definitely not so cold that they want to get out as fast as possible.”

If you have a gas fireplace, make sure it’s lit, and enhance that warm, hospitable feeling with a tasteful throw blanket or area rug.

6. Be more flexible with showings

There are fewer hours of daylight, when your home looks its best, in the winter months, so try to accommodate potential buyers who want to come for daytime visits, Niebauer says.

7. Light it up

Even during the day, cloudy gray skies can make window-lined rooms feel gloomy. Adding floor lamps and turning on all the lights will make the property feel more welcoming.

“Light up every dark corner because they can make a room feel smaller than it is,” Niebauer says. If visitors are coming at night, you’ll want to turn on all your exterior lights as well.

7 Quick upgrades To Make Your Home Feel Like It's New

by Jacque

7 Cheap Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Feel Like It’s Brand-New

Jamie Wiebe

1:00 pm ET
October 23, 2015



If your home has you down in the dumps but you lack the cash to fix it up, don’t despair! Not every upgrade has to take a big bite out of your bank account.

Here are seven foolproof ways to make your home feel like a totally different place through small changes—and small expenses.

1. New hardware

Swapping out the boring chrome hardware the previous owners installed can go a long way toward making your home look like yours—not to mention give the entire space an easy, inexpensive refresh. Depending on your style, new pulls or handles can cost mere dollars.

“The first thing I do to give the home more of the look and style that I like is swap out the hardware,” says Doug Mahoney, who worked in construction for 10 years and now writes about tools and home improvement for The Sweethome. “All it takes is a screwdriver, and it’s surprising what a difference it can make.”

2. Small paint jobs

Don’t have time to repaint your entire home? Start by tackling smaller jobs such as your front door or kitchen cabinets. Since these projects are quick, you can squeeze them in during the weekend (or even an afternoon). And you’ll use only a fraction of a gallon of paint (which costs between $15 and $30)—making for an ideal impact-to-expenses ratio.

“Personally, I can’t stand the look of polyurethaned oak cabinets, so I’d cover those up with a nice white paint,” Mahoney says. “It makes it look like a whole new kitchen.”

If you like your cabinets, consider repainting the trim in your living room or adding some fresh color to a small room such as your bathroom.

3. Sensor lights

Tired of scrambling for the light switch while your arms are holding bags of groceries? Add sensor lights to your front porch and any other regular entrances such as your garage door. Starting at just $15, it’s a tiny cost with a big reward.

These lights won’t just improve your visibility—they’ll also lower your electricity bill. And they’re a big home safety boon to boot; experts say motion-detecting lights discourage criminals from lurking around your home.

4. Magnetic door catch

Speaking of those arms full of groceries: Adding a magnetic door catch (like this onefrom Amazon, which costs $11) to your primary entrance drastically simplifies loading and unloading. No more awkward sideways crab walks as you attempt to keep the door open while carrying a big package. You might even consider installing this before moving day to make your movers’ job easier.

5. Keyless entry pad

If you’re always losing your keys, try investing in a keyless entry pad such as this simple$100 Kwikset deadbolt. It can mean the difference between spending a few hours moping in your car and enjoying a hot cup of cocoa in your living room.

Plus, you’re not the only one who benefits: If you’re expecting guests but won’t be available to greet them, they can let themselves in—a huge improvement from hiding a key, which might be a safety risk.

6. Low-flow toilet

“It may seem intimidating to those not very interested in DIY, but swapping out toilets is a fairly simple process,” Mahoney says.

Choose a high-efficiency or low-flow toilet to save money on your water bill. While it does require some investment (expect to pay between $100 and $325 for the toilet itself), you’ll be making your money back soon enough—especially if you’re replacing an older model installed before 1992. That’s when federal plumbing standards mandated all toilets use 1.6 gallons or less per flush.

With a high-efficiency model, you’ll use about 300 fewer gallons of water per year—if not much more.

7. Fresh mulch

Jazzing up the outside of your home can go a long way toward making you love where you live. While you could go all-out—landscaping the yard and painting the trim—there’s a simpler solution: mulch.

“New mulch in the flower beds can add a lot to the curb appeal,” Mahoney says.

Instead of grimy old dirt that’s been trod on for years, a fresh new layer looks clean, fresh, and pretty—making a huge difference for just $6.


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