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Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate!

by Jacque

Disney on Ice: Let's Celebrate is coming to the local region once again! The event will be held on March 12-15 at the Macon Centreplex! Tickets are as low as $30! 

If you would like more information, visit here.

Open House

by Jacque
There will be an open house for 119 Shadow Lawn located in Byron, GA 31008. It will be Sunday from 2-5! Hope you can make it!

7th Annual Mardi Gras Tybee Celebration

by Colin

The 7th Annual Mardi Gras Celebration at Tybee Island will be here this weekend! It will be held on February 14th, in downtown Savannah. There will be a parade, live music, a street party, and a lot more fun!

If you would like more information on this event, click here.

Fantazia Circus

by Colin

The Fantazia Circus is coming to town this Saturday, February 14th!

Doors open at 3:30 PM and Showtimes are available at 4:30 PM and 7:30 PM! It will be held at the Warner Robins Civic Center.

Tickets are $16!

If you would like to see a performance from the Fantazia Circus, click here.

Valentine's Day Wagon Ride

by Colin

Love is in the air! The Hard Labor Creek State Park in Rutledge, GA on this Valentine's Day, February 14th! 

If you would like more information on this event, click here.

Admission is $5 for each person and there is only a $5 parking fee! It'll be a lovely event to spend with a loved one, so come on out!


It's that time of year for one of the largest shows in the Southeast the Annual Wings and Wheels show that is held at the Museum of Aviation. If you have never been then I would encourage you to visit this great show. There are so many impressive cars to see and in talking to owners of the cars you can tell with so many of them that this is a labor of love. I have to say I am so happy my husband has never had the funds nor the desire to follow that little train. 

If you have some free time this weekend you might want to stop by it is only on Saturday and it is free to the public. Hours are 9-5 hope we see you there.

The 2014 Wings and Wheels Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show Will be Held on Saturday, October 11


To Download the 2014 Flyer, CLICK HERE

To Download the 2014 Registration Form, CLICK HERE

The 22nd Annual Wings and Wheels Car Truck and Motorcycle Show -- one of the largest shows in the Southeast each fall -- will be held at the Museum of Aviation on Saturday, October 11. The show will again welcome more than 250 show-quality vehicles competing for more than 100 awards in 50 different year-group and type-vehicle classes. .

Each vehicle is judged on its appearance and appeal with scores given for interior, exterior, paint and engine. The top winners in each class receive Best in Class awards and five vehicles are picked to receive Best of Show Trophies. Awards are also given for Best Interior (Stock and Custom), Best Engine (Stock and Modified), Best Paint, Best ”Rat” Rod and Best Young Gun (18 and younger). A commander from Robins Air Force Base will also select a vehicle for the “Commander’s Choice” Trophy. The show benefits the Museum of Aviation which provides science technology, engineering and math education classes for more 50,000 students each year.

Wings and Wheels is a family-oriented show with no alcoholic beverages allowed. Registration on show day is held from 8:00 am to 11:00 a.m. and awards are presented at 3:45 pm. “We’re trying to have the awards ceremony earlier this year so everyone can get home sooner,” said Dubiel, who has chaired every show since 1995. The Registration fee is $25 if postmarked by October 3 and $30 thereafter and on show day. The judging classes and registration form can be found at

Attractions will include monster truck rides around the Museum grounds, kiddie car races in the picnic area, “Cruizin’ to the Oldies” with DJ Tommy Landrum, a silent auction, food and car-related vendors and a cars-for-sale “Corral.” There will also be a large 50/50 drawing, a raffle of a battery operated kiddie car and several door prizes.

Wings and Wheels Schedule for Saturday, October 11

8:00 am-11:00 am
Competition vehicle registration-Pavilion #1

9:00 am-5:00 pm
Gates open to the public – Free admission

10:00 am-3:30 pm
Silent Auction and T-Shirt sales - Pavilion #2

10:00 am-12 noon
Kiddie Car Races-Freedom Park Picnic Area

10:45 am
Judges Meeting-Eagle Building

11:45 am – 2:45 pm
Vehicle judging

3:45 pm
Awards ceremony-Freedom Park Picnic Area


2014 Georgia Invitational Golf Tournament

by Jacque

Are you a golfer or married to one? I am it appears that I somehow passed that gene to all the males in my family, (Not that I could pass it to my husband but you get what I mean) The boys in my life adore the game of golf, to play to watch, to judge. I on the other hand do not have an athletic bone in my body. But if you are unlike me and love the game of golf then you might be interested to know that the Museum of Aviation is hosting the 25th Annual  Georgia Invitational Golf Tournament, on September 18 & 19, This wonderful event attracts a huge amount of community support. Great companies like L3, Boeing, Lockheed, Kroger, Flint Energies are just a few of the proud sponsors 

I am sharing with you the page from the museum of aviation website. 

September 18 & 19, 2014
Houston Lake Country Club, Perry, Georgia

You can view the 2014 GA Invitational Golf Tournament Brochure here.

You can view the 2014 GA Invitational Golf Tournament Volunteer Form, here.

The Museum of Aviation Foundation is gearing up for its 25th Annual Georgia Invitational Golf Tournament to be held September 18-19 at Houston Lake Country Club, Perry, Georgia. Last year’s event was a great success and Foundation officials are looking forward to another grand event started by former Senator Sam Nunn who still serves as Honorary National Chairman. To date, the tournaments have raised over $5 million to help build and develop the second largest aviation museum in the U.S. Air Force. United States Senator Saxby Chambliss will again serve as the Honorary Chairman of this year's tournament with Honorary Co-Chairmen Senator Johnny Isakson and United States Congressman Austin Scott and Tournament Chairman Eddie Wiggins.

The two-day tournament is the largest golf outing in Middle Georgia and is made up of three separate rounds with separate prizes for each round. Foursomes will compete in a “scramble” handicapped format. Tee times are noon on Thursday and 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Friday. Golfers receive a commemorative golf shirt, a Thursday night traditional “Plantation Supper” (Century of Flight, Museum of Aviation), breakfast and luncheon buffets. Friday evenings awards dinner will be at Houston Lake Country Club.

Over 60 businesses and individuals annually sign up as sponsors for this large annual Museum of Aviation Foundation fundraiser. “The overwhelming support for this tournament from all over America is outstanding,” said Pat Bartness, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation. “These efforts assure that the Museum of Aviation will continue to be one of the best aviation Museums in America to honor the men and women of our armed forces.”

Zombie Run is Almost Here!!!

by Teamworks

Are you a runner or a Walking Dead fan, do you love Halloween? Well so does Laura in our office she is the only person I know who post count down to Halloween. 

One of Laura's favorite fall activities is the Zombie Run that is held in Perry Georgia. It is coming our way in October and I can honestly say that the excitement we are experiencing because of Laura is nothing short of amazing. So I wanted to share with all of you the official post from the


Zombie Run Escape at The Guardian Center, Perry GA

Register to be a Runner-Perry, GAguardian-centers3

Register to be a Zombie-Perry, GA 

Register to be a Spectator-Perry,GA

Register to be a Volunteer-Perry, GA

Sponsorship Opportunities-Perry, Ga

Located in the epicenter of the Walking Dead story line and built on the bones of a cold-war era nuclear missile plant lies an incredible 840 acre disaster preparedness training facility.  This facility boasts a multi-story 75 acre urban cityscape, over 300 vehicles, a dual rail subway system and a built-to-DOT-specification interstate highway.  And this is the location of Zombie Run Escape on October 25, 2014.

The minimum age to be a runner is 11, and the minimum age to be a Zombie is 14.  At Zombie Run our runners are given a flag belt and three flags. They attempt to navigate the course and avoid having their flags taken by the zombies.  Runners who survive with at least one flag receive the “survivor” medal and those that don’t receive the “infected” medal.

At Zombie Run Escape, we utilize the unique features of the venue to create challenges and obstacles for the participants.  The Guardian Center is a 330 million dollar disaster preparedness facility and we intend to use the unique elements to create the most apocalyptic run in the world.  Forget the usual OCR obstacles; we intend to utilize the vehicles, rubble, buildings, tunnels and roadways for this event.

Runners may form teams of up to 5 people. If any one member of a team survives with a flag intact, the entire team receives the “survivor” medals.  A group of people may form multiple teams (myteamname 1, myteamname2, etc), but each team is evaluated individually for survivor/infected status.

This venue has a mandatory $10/per person facility and insurance charge. There will be a $10 per vehicle parking fee.  Active Duty Military use code “MILITARY” at registration for discount; ID required.

Olympic Fever

by Teamworks

Are you as addicted to the Olympics as I am? It is almost like a disease. I follow it in the news and as a family we sit and watch it every evening.

When those young girls do the balance beam I am clenched tight when they finish I let out a huge breath. In the swimming we cheer out loud. In the water polo which I know exactly nothing about I even watch. The Olympics really does strange things to a body.

My biggest thrill today has to be the Women's soccer team advancing to semi finals. So excited for the win. I have great memories of the Women winning a gold in soccer. We were visiting my folks in Kansas City and we literally jumped out of the car commandeered control of the TV after all my Dad was not a soccer fan. And sat glued and tense for that entire game. Good times.

I think I love soccer so much because all 4 of our kids played and it is actually a sport I understand with a child like understanding, but an understanding non the less.

Our friends have a son at Florida State who did time trials for the Olympics in Omaha but he did not make the team but we feel like we know someone famous just for knowing Mark, I am sure he will be in the next summer games.  Keep your eyes out for Mark Webber. Speaking of swimming how about Phelps? Amazing swimmer huh and a world record medal holder. I know his Mother is very proud of him. Congratulations Michael!

Well once more Women's water polo is on and I must go cheer on the American not sure what I am cheering for other then a win but cheer I must.

Have a great weekend


Air Conditioning Equipment: Repair or Replace?

by Teamworks


By: Oliver Marks

Published: December 4, 2009

If you're deciding whether to repair or replace central air conditioning equipment, assess the quality of your house's ductwork and insulation first.


If your air conditioner is more than eight years old, repair is probably not worth the expense, unless it's a simple problem like debris clogging the condenser unit or a worn fan belt. Still, to best weigh your repair-or-replace decision, ask your contractor to assess not just the condition of your existing equipment, but also the ducts that deliver the cool air and the overall quality of the insulation in your house. Improving those elements might increase the effectiveness of the system as much or more than installing new machinery.

Assess the efficiency of your current system

Even if your central air conditioner is just eight to 10 years old, it could suck up to twice the electricity that even a low-end new one would use. That's because it operates at or below 10 SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is the amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output. Until 2006, 10 SEER was standard, but these days, the minimum allowed by federal law is 13 SEER. That translates to 30% less electrical consumption and 30% lower cooling bills than equipment installed just a few years ago.

For an 1,800 square foot house, a new 13 SEER unit will cost $3,000 to $4,000. You can double your energy savings by jumping up to 16 SEER, which will reduce cooling expenses by 60% over a 10 SEER unit. At $5,000 to $6,000, these super-efficient units are more expensive, but they qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $300 and possibly local incentives, too.

"Your installer can run the numbers for you to see whether it's worth the additional cost," says Ellis Guiles of TAG Mechanical in Syracuse, New York. "If you're south of the Mason Dixon line, certainly, you can make up those dollars pretty quickly."

Inspect the condition of the ductwork

You could upgrade to the highest efficiency gear available and still not feel comfortably cool on hot days. That's because the mechanicals are only part of the central air system. The average house's ductwork leaks 10% to 30% of its air before it can reach your living space, according to Pacific Gas & Electric. Before deciding whether to repair or replace your condenser and blower units, your technician should run a duct-leakage test, by sealing the vents and measuring how much air escapes the system. 

If the ducts are inefficient, he can locate and seal the gaps, typically for $25 to $35 per vent (per "run" in industry jargon), or replace the ductwork entirely with new, insulated pipe for around $100 per run, according to Guiles. Your technician may recommend doing the duct improvements in conjunction with replacement of the mechanicals or may recommend only one or the other job.

Consider the building envelope itself

If your house is poorly insulated, it's putting a strain on your aging air conditioner. Resolving the house's flaws may mean that your old system will have enough cooling power to continue to do the job for a few more years. Or it may enable you to buy a smaller replacement system, lowering your upfront and ongoing energy costs significantly. 

Your heating and cooling contractor should assess and, if necessary, upgrade the building envelope. For example, he might seal gaps and cracks in the outer walls and attic floor, or he might blow insulation into the walls, either of which could knock as much as 30% off your heating and cooling costs. Insulation also may get you a $500 federal tax credit, and in some cases, it may be a more effective solution to your cooling problems than replacing your equipment.

Make sure a new system is sized right

If you decide to replace, make sure the contractor's bid includes a load calculation, which is a computer printout showing how big a system you need and why. 

Air conditioning is measured by the ton, which is the cooling power of a one-ton block of ice melting in 24 hours. Some old-school installers use a ballpark estimate for sizing equipment—say, one ton for every 400 or 600 square feet of living space. But that typically leads to systems that are too big, according to Greg Gill of Action Air Conditioning and Heating in San Marcos, Calif. Not only do oversized systems cost more, but they also do their cooling work too quickly, which means more frequent on/off cycles, wearing out components and gobbling electricity. Plus, they don't have a chance to effectively dehumidify the air. 

Good contractors use load-calculating software that factors in such data as the number of windows in your house, the thickness of insulation, the configuration of the attic, and the building's orientation to the sun. It produces not only an exact tonnage requirement, but determines how much cool air each room needs. All bids (get at least three, from licensed, well-regarded companies) should include this one-page printout.


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