Are you as addicted to the Olympics as I am? It is almost like a disease. I follow it in the news and as a family we sit and watch it every evening.

When those young girls do the balance beam I am clenched tight when they finish I let out a huge breath. In the swimming we cheer out loud. In the water polo which I know exactly nothing about I even watch. The Olympics really does strange things to a body.

My biggest thrill today has to be the Women's soccer team advancing to semi finals. So excited for the win. I have great memories of the Women winning a gold in soccer. We were visiting my folks in Kansas City and we literally jumped out of the car commandeered control of the TV after all my Dad was not a soccer fan. And sat glued and tense for that entire game. Good times.

I think I love soccer so much because all 4 of our kids played and it is actually a sport I understand with a child like understanding, but an understanding non the less.

Our friends have a son at Florida State who did time trials for the Olympics in Omaha but he did not make the team but we feel like we know someone famous just for knowing Mark, I am sure he will be in the next summer games.  Keep your eyes out for Mark Webber. Speaking of swimming how about Phelps? Amazing swimmer huh and a world record medal holder. I know his Mother is very proud of him. Congratulations Michael!

Well once more Women's water polo is on and I must go cheer on the American not sure what I am cheering for other then a win but cheer I must.

Have a great weekend