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Most People Don’t Know Georgia Has A Fairy Garden… And It’s Positively Magical

Deep in the heart of Blairsville, Georgia, there is an enchanted fairy garden called Sleepy Hollow. This magical place still remains much of a secret to the residents of Georgia, but it’s absolutely worthy of a visit, not to mention worthy of complete admiration. Visiting this garden will make you feel like a child again, as it’s filled with whimsy and wonderment for people of all ages. Take a look at why this fairy garden is a must-do before the summer’s over.

You can visit Sleepy Hollow by tapping into your GPS:

5279 Highway 515 E

Blairsville, GA 30512-8587

Thank to YouTuber SignatureMediaGroup1, you can see a bit of the behind-the-scenes of what Sleepy Hollow has to offer.

Such a unique and wonderful place to spend the afternoon with your kids. Or, if you’re feeling like you need to be a kid again, maybe this is the place for you.

Here Are The 10 Weirdest Places You Can Possuibly Go To In Georgia

by Amanda Northern

Here Are The 10 Weirdest Places You Can Possibly Go To In Georgia

Have you ever seen a military tank amusement park? What about a huge Hindi temple, bigger than any temple outside of India? If you’re a person that’s really into weird and unusual places, you have to check out these 10 places in Georgia!

What do you think of these unusual places? Have you actually been to any of these places? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

You'll Love A Visit To This Small Town Market In Georgia

by Marisa Roman

You’ll Love A Visit To This Small Town Market In Georgia

Sometimes all you need to make a weekend complete is a trip to a small town market. There are so many different markets, farmstands, and flea markets throughout Georgia, it is hard not to fall in love with them all. It is easy to lose a full day shopping through the market goodies, including all different types of fresh fruit and produce. Like at this one particular small town market in Georgia which we guaranteed once you visit, you’ll love. Filled with the freshest tomatoes, peaches, shelled peas and cabbage to name a few, take a look at Osage Farms.

Ready to take a trip to Osage Farms? You can use the address below to guide you:

5030 Hwy 441 N

Rabun Gap, Georgia 30568

If you enjoyed reading this one, then maybe you’d love reading about The Gigantic Flea Market Along The Georgia Coast That Is The Perfect Way To Spend A Saturday.

The Georgia Bed & Breakfast Right On The Ocean That You Will Never Want To Leave

The thing about summer in Georgia is…most people normally want to be as close to the ocean as possible. Which is why we like to feature places like This Is The Closest You’ll Get To The Atlantic Ocean in Georgia While Enjoying An Incredible Meal. Staying in this particular Georgia Bed & Breakfast will get you as close to the ocean as you can be, all while enjoying the charming comforts of home. Take a look.

To find out more information about Tybee Surf Song, or to book a stay, click on the website here. Or if you’re looking to see where this gem is located, then use the address below:

21 Officers Row, Tybee Island, GA 31328

Have you ever been to Surf Song on Tybee Island? Share with us your experience in the comments!

7 Classic Hiking Trails In Georgia To Take Before You Die

by Marisa Roman

7 Classic Hiking Trails In Georgia To Take Before You Die

Hiking is a coveted pastime in Georgia and there are a plethora of hiking trails to choose from in order to get your nature fix. We’ve written about some of the most unique trails in the state (See: The Hiking Trail Hiding In Georgia That Will Transport You To Another World), but realized that there are some of those tried-and-true trails that before we get specific, should be highlighted and admired. Take a look at these 7 classic hiking trails in Georgia to take before you die.

How many of these classic hiking trails have you tackled? Let’s keep this list going by adding your favorite hiking trails in the comments section!

This School Bus Graveyard In Georgia Is Truly Something To Marvel Over

Most people tend not to think about what happens to a school bus when it retires from taking children to and from school. However, there is one particular place in Georgia that can answer your question, plus show you just how a school bus graveyard comes to be. This weirdly wonderful place known as Wade Alonso’s Auto Parts & Wrecker Service, is also dubbed the School Bus Graveyard in Georgia, and one look will have you in awe.

To visit the Schoolbus Graveyard, you can use this address to find your way:

Rudy Drive, Alto, Georgia 30510

Again, make sure that you contact Walter of Alonzo Wade Auto Parts before entering the property. Also, a HUGE thanks to Keith Nelms of the Foothills Photography Group for the wonderful photos! If you liked this abandoned bus graveyard then you’ll probably love to Step Inside This Eerie Graveyard In Georgia Where Automobiles Go To Die.

So does Pinterest have you going down one rabbit hole after another? It has a tendency to suck me in. I may get an email that has pins that will interest me this week and lo and behold 2 hours later I come up for air. It is a dangerous place for me to go. 

Because I work with a lot of new construction I have Real Estate boards galore. Below are a few of my favorite pins for homes. If I ever build again my builder is going to hate me due to Pinterest.

Hidden shoe closet in the mudroom! Find home plans with mud rooms here: #Mudroom #Hidden #Storage

I want to show you all the creative hidden kitchen storage solutions I came up with and how they make my life so much easier. I LOVE cooking in my kitchen!

I love love love this bathroom with multiple places to store shampoo and liquid soap, There is never enough space in my honest opinion. I had a client who did this and I thought it was such a great ideal he had 2 little girls so he put one of his opening lower for them to reach. Shout out to Dee Patel.

Bathroom shower tile - More

Snag our tips and hints on creating the perfect coffee station with these few essential items and ideas via A Blissful Nest.

How genius is this? Of course if you have small kids this might not be a genius storage place for them unless you locked the cabinet.

How cool is this slide-out knife block?? | 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Toe Kick Drawers for additional storage below cabinets!

I'm gonna do this one! So I keep telling myself. I hate when I pop a breaker and I have to go out and turn off several or many before I get the right one.

Color Coding Your Circuit Breaker Box #diy #home #homeimprovement #organize #colorcoded #tipsandtricks

Funnel them straight into the garage.

See what I mean no rhyme or reason just random amazing ideal for a house. So many that it makes you want to build one so you can do some cool amazing wow things. 

So when you are ready to build that perfect house call me and I will hook you up with a great location and an amazing builder. Have a great week!


You’ll Absolutely Love The Bird’s Eye View At This Incredible Georgia Restaurant

Everyone loves a good view when they dine, right? There is nothing like sharing a meal with a loved one and taking the entire experience up a level (pun intended) with some beautiful views of the state of Georgia. The particular bird’s eye view from this incredible Georgia’s restaurant is a staple in the capital city and you can easily understand why. Anyone visiting Atlanta should at least take the elevator up to check out the views from this iconic restaurant in Georgia.

Have you ever been to Sun Dial Restaurant? Share with us your experience! Or if you need help finding this bird’s eye view spot, then use the address below to guide you:

Sun Dial Restaurant

The Westin

210 Peachtree St NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Ready for more insanely iconic Georgia restaurants? Take a look at The Unforgettable Themed Restaurant In Georgia That Will Take You Back In Time.


Back to School


It's that time of year when families consider moving to get their children into a good school district. At we recently conducted a back-to-school survey to see how much weight schools have in the home-buying decision. The results show that school-district boundaries do impact the buying decision for more than 60 percent of home buyers.

We also found that home buyers are willing to pay more and give up certain features for a home located in their district of choice. These buyers are especially willing to give up access to shopping and nearby parks and trails, among other amenities, to reside within the school-district boundaries of their choice.

A majority of the home buyers surveyed said that school-district boundaries will have an impact on their buying decision:

  • 23.59 percent would pay 1-5 percent above budget
  • 20.70 percent would pay 6-10 percent above budget
  • 8.98 percent would pay 11-20 percent above budget
  • 40.33 percent would not go above budget

For home buyers who said that school-district boundaries will have an impact on their decision, the majority rated the boundaries as an "important" consideration:

  • 90.53 percent said school-district boundaries are  "important" or "somewhat important"
  • 2.04 percent were "neutral" about the importance of school-district boundaries
  • 7.43 percent said school-district boundaries are "unimportant" or "very unimportant"

A new house can mean more space, great neighborhoods and good schools. Follow these five tips to find your dream home near the right school:

  1. Know your family's needs. Is your family growing? Is square footage the most important factor, or a large backyard? Make a list of exactly what you need in your family's new home.
  2. Search for homes by the best schools with the mobile app. Only lets you search for the home you want near the ideal school or school district.
  3. Review school information in the app. The Schools tab provides detailed information about the grades taught at each school, including the student-teacher ratio and the GreatSchools rating.
  4. Look for parks and play areas in the map view. View your search results on a map and narrow results by homes that have a place for your kids to get the wiggles out. You can also look for other things that matter to you, like how far away it is from a baseball diamond. Draw your own search boundary with your finger, if a specific area really matters to you.
  5. Make a list of questions for your Realtor. When you're ready to tour the homes on your short list, be prepared with the questions that will help you make the best investment. Ask about things that matter specifically to you and your family but also what matters for the home's future value. Your Realtor will be able to guide you to find the right home, in the right location, near the right school.

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